Sunday, January 09, 2005

Welcome to the Accountable Government Blog

Hi. Welcome to the Accountable Government blog. The purpose of this blog is to discuss ways and means of making government, media and other organizations accountable to the public they serve or affect.

This site encourages and endorses limited government and free markets.

Discussions will center around:

  • Politics
  • Media and media bias
  • Logic and persuasive argument
  • Dissections of articles, editorials to note what would or wouldn't have helped the expression of particular ideas
  • Religious toleration and separation of church and state
  • Accountability in pursuit of normal life activities.
  • Miscellaneous subjects which pop up from time to time
This is my first blog, so anyone with comments or suggestions feel free to post.

Please keep conversation civilized and please use language that would encourage parents to let their kids learn about politics here.



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